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Service Provider fees at Open Personals. Australia's only personals only classifieds. No Fakes. No Bots. No Scams
Open Personals. No Fakes. No Bots. No Scams.

Service Providers

Hello to Fee for Service Providers

Hello! If you charge a fee for you service, if you're selling anything, you're more than welcome to post on OpenPersonals. However, if you charge a fee so do we. OpenPersonals is 100% genuine, everyone here is genuine and looking for someone who is genuine. 

We can set up an advertisement or a paid post that's marked as a professional service. If you want to do that, please contact Us or email us at ads at The fee is incredibly reasonable, a small token. We're here to host a service, not to make money. That's weird, we know, but that's what it is. At the same time, if you expect to make money from this site, expect to pay a small fee. 

If you don't want to contribute, and you do post a sneaky little post, it will be removed. So be genuine because OpenPersonals is for genuine people.