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Pricing (free!) for Open Personals. Australia's only personals only classifieds. A free pricing model. No Fakes. No Bots. No Scams.
Open Personals. No Fakes. No Bots. No Scams.



We're here for the same reason as you — to meet people. We don't want to pay too much to do that and don't expect you to either. 

So, OpenPersonals is completely free for now. It may not be forever but it is for now. We're not sure what or when we will charge if we do at all. But it will be low. We may have some traditional advertising or charge for posting or replying or for advanced features. Whatever that is, we will keep the impact and charges as low as we can to maintain the site. 

We may have some advertising but won't open the site to professionals with professional advertising pretending to be genuine posts. There are other sites for that. We won't ever sell your information to anyone. 

For now, please use and enjoy the site for free. 

That's how they get you!

We're not out to 'get you'.

There's no catch. There's no trick. There's no scam. You don't need to verify with a credit card. You don't need to provide financial details. You do need to sign up and verify with an email address so that we can maintain site integrity and keep out scammers or fakes. But there is no catch. If and when we do start charging, we will try to make it as cheap and open and simple as possible.