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About Open Personals. Australia's only personals only classifieds. Open Personals. No Fakes. No Bots. No Scams.
Open Personals. No Fakes. No Bots. No Scams.

About Open Personals

What is Open Personals?

Open Personals is simply an Australian only personal listings site for people who want to find friends, dates and casual lovers. We've all used other classifieds sites, some still around, others no longer with us. We've all used them, we've all met people there, had some fun, met some friends. We all want to keep doing that, right? Well, Open Personalswill help us do that. 

Why not just use existing sites? A friend put it perfectly: they're either really expensive or filled with fake or professional listings, and that's just a waste of money or time. We are not that. Open Personals is a simple and low cost way of meeting people who want the same thing. 


We want to be different

Only Personals will be different in a few ways. 

No fakes. We verify everyone and everything to stop fakes and scammers as much as possible. We won't always get it right, but we will monitor remove any profiles or posts that we think are fakes or scams.

No professional ads. This is a personals site for people who want to find other people. There are plenty of sites for paid professionals selling their servces. This is not one of them. 

No selling your info. Open Personals  exists to help people find people, not make masses of money by misusing your information. Not now. Not ever. 

Respectful. If you're offensive and reported for being offensive, you will be banned. Simple. So be nice.

Personals Only. Only Personals is for personals only, if you post things that aren't personals, you'll be banned. Simple. 

Low cost. We're free for now, but will need to cover hosting costs. We will always keep any charges to the minimum needed to keep the site going and that's all.

Built by people who actually want to use it. This site is for people like us, by people like us.



Open Personals is Open

We are open to anyone regardless of gender or sexuality. All we ask is that your posts and contacts are respectful. If not, you'll be banned. it's that simple. There's no judgement and no moral crusaders. Anything judgemental or offensive will be removed and the person banned. 

We are open to personals only. If you're selling something or promoting something or doing anything illegal, the post will be removed and you will be banned. 


Verify, verify and VERIFY

We will ask to verify your profile and posts... We may include additional verifications later if we are not sure that you are a real person. Please understand that this is needed to keep the site free from fakes bots and scams.. If posts are flagged or we're told about scam or offensive contacts, we will ban the account. So verification is important. 


Banning is Real

Banning is real. But that doesn’t mean we ban every post or profile that is reported.

If anything you have posted is reported and we find it to be offensive, a scam or disrespectful, you will be banned.

We don’t just delete posts because you flag them. If you think something is offensive, a scam or disrespectful, be prepared to tell us why you think that is. We only ban people for genuine reasons, not just because someone decided to flag their post without reason.

This is why we need you to register and sign in. It enables us to keep track of people we want to keep out. 


Free — For Now

So, yes, it's completely free for now. It won't be forever. We're not sure what or when we will need to start charging. But it will be low. We may have some 'traditional' advertising or charge for posting. Whatever that is, we will keep the impact and charges as low as we can. 


Feedback is Important

Open Personals is very new so there may be some functionality that is still a work in progress. Please bear with us, we are continuing to make it better and give you the best possible experience. Your feedback is important. If you find any defects of things that need fixing or improvement, please let us know by messaging us through the Contact Page.


Thank you.