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Some Bits on Bots

Why Open Personals does not use bots or other scams

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29. Nov 2018
Some Bits on Bots

We say we don't have "bots" because we don't. That's important as you can be assured that every when you receive a message from Open Personals, it's genuine.  

What are Bots? 

We use the word often, but just in case you're not sure. Bots, or Internet bots, or web robots, are little bits of code, or small applications, that perform repetitive tasks. You can learn more about them on wikipedia.  

Interestingly, a bot is also a the larva of the botfly, which is an internal parasite of horses. So, by definition, bots are parasites.   

Dating Site Bots 

Essentially, dating sites use bots to make you think the site is very active and feel wanted. Some are not so cleverly implemented. I've signed up to sites and received emails straight away from amazing profiles desperate to meet me before I've even uploaded a pic or written anything in my profile. Seriously?! That's never going to happen from real people. But a little bit of code runs when a new person registers and makes them feel so popular that they then pay for an upgrade to be able to reply to the email, or at least see the full profile. It's a scam.  

Some will send similar emails when your subscription expires. Some just send them periodically to keep you interested. Or you may receive fake replies when you post. Just to make you feel special and keep paying for subscriptions or posts. It's all a scam. This is a good article on how to tell if you're chatting to a bot.  

We don't use bots at all. You won't receive a contact as soon as you register because you need to verify your profile and then post before anyone can contact you. You won't receive contact emails as soon as you post (unless you're very popular and your timing is perfect) becuase it takes time for people to read your post. You won't receive emails asking you to upgrade because there is no upgrade.  

If you register and post and find the site useful, that's fantastic. But we won't trick you into anything.   

Other Bots 

Some bots come from outside the site. Someone writes an application to scan a site for contact details or monitor a site for new profiles or posts and then sends automated emails, either directly or pretending to come from that site. These could be to direct you to another site, to convince you to send then money, to obtain personal details, or any other scamming purpose.  

We try to stop that. We monitor the site for IP addresses to make sure traffic is coming from Australia or treat it as suspicious and monitor or block it. We only accept registered users and check each and every new registration to make sure it seems legitimate. We monitor all initial contact to make sure it looks legitimate. We send the first contact from our site, so you know if it doesn't come from our mail account, it's is fake or a bot. You can contact us if you're not sure and we'll confirm whether the account or email is legitimately from our site.   

Quick Tips 

You'll only receive emails from admin or in response to your post 
All initial response emails are from our mail account 
If you're unsure, check with us 
If you receive spammy or scammy contact, let us know.  


Open Personals has been set up to be only for genuine people looking for genuine people. There are no scams or bots and we try to stop any fakes. And we intend to keep it that way. We hope you find what you're looking for on Open Personals, Australia's genuine adult personals classifieds and dating site.  


I'm the primary administrator and moderator of Open Personals. And it's creator.
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