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24. Aug 2018
Our Pricing Model — Free!

For now, hopefully forever, Open Personals is a completely free personals classifieds site. That's the honest truth. Open Personals is all about being open and honest, about being genuine.  

There are many other "free" personals site. But none like this. It's different because there's no catch. There aren't loads of fake profiles and click-bait advertisements. There isn't a sign up for free but pay to use model. It's just free.  

How can it be free? It's a simple site that I built myself and I don't expect to "get rich quick" from it. I don't expect, or want, to get rich from it at all. I just want people to be able to contact people with similar interests. And that shouldn't mean paying $50 a month to trawl through fake profiles. I don't want to do that and don't think anyone else should either.  

So what then? I'm just a nice guy doing this out of the goodness of my heart? Hell no! I'm a horny guy doing it out of the tenderness of my loins! More or less. I also think it's crappy that people charge so much for what they know is fake. I don't like people being taken advantage of, so there's a bit of f#ck you! to those who would take advantage of genuine people.  

Right now, Open Personals is self-funded. I've built it and am maintaining it. It's small enough that I can do that. If it gets large enough that it becomes costly, standard advertising space may be viable. If not, then a small charge or some other membership or pricing may have to be introduced. If it gets to that, it will be so popular and useful for all of us that it's worth it.  

I don't want to get rich but I don't want to go broke. If it gets to that, I'll shut it down. And I don't want it to get to that. So I'll do what I can to keep it going.  

You may ask whether completely free is cheaper than other sites. I was wondering what other sites and apps cost. I was out recently and someone told me they are on a site that costs $150 a year for international profiles of little interest. Remember, Open Personals is only Australian personals for friends, dating and casual encounters. That's all because that's all we need.  

But I was wondering what other sites cost. I know what I've paid and it has always seemed a lot. I found this article on Choice, so it's reasonably genuine. I was shocked to see that it can cost $50 a month on a site that I know has fake profiles. I was even more shocked to see that the "free" sites sell your genuine profile information to non-genuine sites and that's buried so deep in the terms that you'll never find it. I found a site that actually says "these are our latest models' . Seriously? You want me to pay to view profiles of models? And a site where a post for a mature woman was posted by Mike. You expect me to think that's genuine?! And an app that is "free" but to contact someone who didn’t swipe your way costs $5.50 per message! Seriously, WTF?! No thank you.  

I don't want to be ripped off for wanting to meet someone and have some fun and I won't do that to anyone else. Not ever! So, Open Personals is free for now and we hope to stay that way or as close as possible always.  

Now, get out there, register, post, respond, and meet find the person (or people) looking for you!  

I'm the primary administrator and moderator of Open Personals. And it's creator.
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