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How to Get Banned

Top tips for getting banned

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24. Aug 2018
How to Get Banned

We've put together our favourite reasons to ban someone from OP. This is not a commercial dating site with fake profiles or get rich quick advertising platform. It's just a way for people to post what they're looking for and hopefully find someone looking for the same thing. Quora has a good post on fake profiles. We don't have fake profiles. Read the post and you'll see we're not like that at all.  

So, I'm more than eager to ban anyone for any reason that contravenes the terms of use. This is a nice and happy site for nice and genuine people who behave nicely and genuinely. Let's put that another way, no dickheads, fucktards, dickshits or fuckwits, or associated behaviour or you will be banned.  

Let's get on with it. If you want to be banned from Open Personals, try any of the following:  

  1. Post something illegal 
  2. Be underage 
  3. Offer to sell drugs 
  4. Put Contact details in post 
  5. Put Contact details in profile 
  6. Be rude  
  7. Be an escort 
  8. Be an escort agency 
  9. Flag, flag and flag some more 
  10. Upset me in any other way 

 If, however, you do not want to be banned from Open Personals, just don't do those things. Be nice, respectful, legal, and have fun meeting people.  

I'm the primary administrator and moderator of Open Personals. And it's creator.
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