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Stoping Fakes and Flakes on Open Personals - Open Personals
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Fakes and Flakes

All about fakes and flakes and what we do about them

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26. Aug 2018
Fakes and Flakes

Open Personals prides itself on having no fakes. But what about flakes? There's not much we can do about that, unfortunately. But what's the difference and what do we do about them?  


Fakes are bad. A fake is a person or even a bot (an automated program) that creates accounts or profiles for people who don't actually exists and just aren't real.  

These are some of the reasons for creating fake profiles or posts: 

  • Simply to make the site appear far more popular than it is, loads of fake profiles may make you want to sign up and part with your money 
  • To try to redirect you to a site that has fakes that appears popular so they can make you part with your money 
  • To sell you something because you're real and they think you're desperate and an easy target for selling porn or penis enhancers or something else you don't need 
  • To get your contact details to sell to other people who will spam you constantly trying to redirect you to other sites to take your money or sell you something 
  • They are straight-up scammers, trying to convince you they love you but have some sort of hardship and need to take your money before you can meet but never do 
  • They could also be escorts or agencies trying to new customers who are clearly looking for some friendship or fun, who aren't technically fakes, but not what we want on Open Personals.  


Flakes are annoying. A flake is an genuine person who creates a profile and posts or replies to a post but never meets up. They may never intend to meet or may think they will but don't when it comes to the crunch. Flakes are also known as time-wasters. I have other words but they aren't so nice.  

These are some of the reasons for being a flake: 

  • They are living a fantasy and contacting a real person is as good as they need to prove the fantasy is real 
  • They are just really, really, terribly lonely and want to chat about meeting but never actually meet 
  • They think they can go through with meeting a stranger but get too scared at the last minute 
  • They remember that they don't have a good excuse to tell their partner for leaving the house 
  • Their partner finds out and they can't leave the house but will probably continue to be flake under the first reason of living the fantasy 
  • They genuinely get off on messing genuine people around  
  • It started raining (yes, seriously, I've had that).

What we do to have Genuine Profiles and Posts 

You name it and, fakes or flakes, I've experienced it. I can't count the number of great experiences I've had with people I've met online through sites such as Craigslist or Backpage. But the fakes and flakes outnumber that at least ten to one.

I don't like flakes but understand that some really do think they are genuine until it comes down to it and I really don't like fakes. I like genuine. Open Personals is all about being a genuine site for meeting genuine people for friends, dating or casual sex. 

You can read more about spotting fake profiles here. It's a good read but misses the point that many sites deliberately create fake profiles themselves or do very little to nothing about them. That's what makes Open Personals different

To try to stop fakes, we ask everyone to register and verify their account. This reduces bots especially. We also review every new account. If the name or email looks like it was a fake account I'll personally check it. I have a lot of IT security experience and personal online personals experience so I know what I'm looking for. I have some tools to verify emails and accounts and images and post content. I then block the IP address and the email address and remove the account. If you think we've missed a fake, please contact us and we'll look into it.  

Stopping flakes, unfortunately, is not so easy. There could be a legitimate reason that the person doesn't show. However, habitual flakes are, essentially, fakes. I can't do much about that. But, if you have a bad experience with a flake, contact us, and we'll monitor the profile. If it is common, we will ban that person as well.

Open Personals is committed to having no fakes, no bots, no scams, no spam. We would rather have a few genuine people than many fakes and flakes. We may not always get it right, but we'll do our best. That's our commitment. 

I'm the primary administrator and moderator of Open Personals. And it's creator.
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